what does a

video producer do?

This creative problem solver manages all elements of a video’s pre-production, production and post-production process, including planning, scheduling and editing. The producer budgets and actualizes expenses; secures locations, required permits and studio time; establishes on-set safety precautions; and conducts interviews and helps direct on-screen talent. He also hires and schedules key staff (e.g., camera operators, makeup artists, sound people, grips, editors, graphic artists).

Producers also have a hand in audio, graphics, visual effects and versioning/adaptation for different markets, and they may even write voiceover scripts, says George Spyros, owner of Big City Pictures, a production company in New York and creator of video app Filmaker.

In addition to ensuring content, length, tone and style requirements are satisfied for each project, a video producer must run point, facilitating the exchange of information between the client and members of the production team. It’s the producer’s job to make sure projects are held to a high creative standard, delivered on time and stay within budget, so the buck stops with them—literally and figuratively.


source: mediabistro.com

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