Video productions

In my company website you can find all the most relevant video productions I've done as a producer. Have a look to the SIGOO website.


Here some motion graphic projects that I've personally developed, working with After Effects, Illustrator, Indesign and some Photoshop.

Cinema and Television productions

Here you can find a list of the most relevant experience in cinema and television productions.

- Scenography and construction - Summer 2017 - Merfee film (DE) & Albolina Film (IT) - for the german TV series "Kripo Bozen".

- Scenography and construction - February and March 2017 - One More Pictures and Rai Cinema (IT) - for the movie "Ötzi and the Mistery of Time".

Production Assistant - June 2016 - Electus LLC (L.A. - USA) for the TV show "Running wild with Bear Grylls" - Discovery Channel.

Production Assistant - March 2015 - Electus LLC (L.A. - USA) for the TV show "Running wild celebrity edition", with Bear Grylls - Discovery Channel.

Production Assistant - October and November 2014 - Betty TV (London - UK) for the TV show "Breaking Point", with Bear Grylls - Discovery Channel.

Fixer - March 2014 - Formasette Creative lab (BZ - ITA) & Savana Films (London - UK), for the documentary "Front line battle", with Ben Major.

Production Assistant - July 2013 - Betty TV (London - UK) for the TV show "Escape from hell", with Bear Grylls - Discovery Channel.

Production manager, author and cameraman - from 2008 to 2011 - Moovinclip srl (San Stino - VE - ITA) for various TV show: "Appunti di Viaggio” (7 Gold), "Jesolo Channel"," Medicina Moderna", and also for documentary and commercial and institutional video. 

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